Family Planning Clinic

Our biggest goal is to offer family planning services that can aim to decrease the rate of unintended pregnancies in families.
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There are many factors that can affect your reproductive health such as age, lifestyle and overall health.


We want to increase healthy outcomes for pregnant women and their babies and provide access to affordable care.

Routine Pregnancy Checkup

Your Future

Getting the help you need now can mean that you have a healthy baby in the end. Our doctors are trained to help you with your future.


We have a large variety of birth control methods for you to consider. Come into our clinic today.

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Ask about our family planning services.

Our Wide Range of Family Planning Solutions
  • Abstinence

  • Basic infertility care

  • Birth control pills

  • Diaphragm

  • Emergency Contraception (EC)

  • Female condom

  • Fertility awareness methods

  • HIV / AIDS testing and treatment

  • IUD

  • Implants

  • Injectable

  • Male condom

  • The Ring

  • OB / GYN

  • Patch

  • Preconception health

  • Pregnancy testing

  • Primary health care services

  • Preventative services

  • Sponge

  • STI testing and treatment

  • Teen clinic

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Coastal Community Health Services is a proud member of the Georgia Family Planning System.